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Google Ads Explained: All You Need to Know About AdWords

Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords is a powerful tool and program designed by google for brands and businesses to advertise their services and products.

With the help of google ads, you can reach a wide range of audiences and advertise your products to the biggest search engines in the world i.e. google and YouTube. Moreover, Google has other platforms such as Gmail, which is also one of the most frequently used platforms, but google ads are the only way to advertise on it as well.

Every business needs advertising in order to grow in this rapid pace global economy, and the number of ads on google searches is increasing day by day in a lot of different forms. Hence if your business is not making use of search and other types of ads, it will lag behind

Advertising is not just a way to generate more revenue, but in the cutthroat environment, it is a way for businesses to stay competitive. In this article, we will explain how google ads work and what are the advantages of utilizing them.

How Google Ads Work

As a brand, aiming to market your business online, your aim is to move your ad to the highest possible search result position while also being relevant to your users. When you see any display ad, it’s not just some arbitrary placement that google shows you, rather google processes user’s interests with its ads and shows you exactly what you want to see 

On a platform such as google ads, advertisers make their bids on keywords in order to have their ads placed on pages of search results or different platforms or websites

When a user makes search for something on google or visits a webpage, an ad auction occurs. Google automatically processes and deduces the ad ranks for every ad, and places the ads for the users in their rightful places or ranks

Your ad ranks can be determined by 6 major factors:

1.    Maximum bid

2.    The quality of the ad

3.    The difference between threshold and rank

4.    Competitiveness

5.    The context of search by the user

6.    The result of ad formats and extensions 

Google Ad Types

Google opens up a wide arena for businesses to advertise their products and services. With over two million third-party apps and domains, your ads can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Your ads can appear on all google properties. Following are some of the google services for ad placement:

  • Google search and search partners
  • Performance Max
  • Google maps
  • Google shopping
  • YouTube and video
  • Google discovery

Subject to the design and nature of your ad and the content you’re advertising, you will be able to find the suitable ad format and type for your campaign

 Following are some of the campaign and ad types that google provides:

  • Text ads or search ads
  • Product ads
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • App ads

The Benefits of Using Google Ads

Google ads is a way to enhance and grow your brand and expand its online presence. There are a lot of benefits that google ads provide, and depending on your vision and goals you can implement any of the tools as part of your campaign strategy.

  • Costs and ROI
  • Effective Control and Management
  • Rapid Results
  • Level playing field
  • Local Advertising
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Analytics
  • Edge over SEO and Content Marketing
  • Scalability

Costs and ROI

Whether you’re a small size business or a large size company, google ads provide you with many bidding options to meet your campaign needs as per your budget. The Individual cost-per-clicks (CPC) ranges across different businesses, industries, niches, and user search intent.

Most businesses that advertise on google get a return on their ad spend, which makes their advertising campaign quite lucrative.

Effective Control and Management

Google ads offer a lot of ways in which you can control and customize your campaign in order to better manage it. For example, you can control conversions, and can easily manage individual keywords and target audience. You also get to decide how your ad looks and how well it represents your brand.

Rapid Results

Google ads is not only fast, but it’s extremely quick to generate results. By following the necessary steps, you can easily set up your campaign, which then goes live within a matter of hours. You can also analyze and gauge the performance of your campaign in order to make necessary amendments.   

Level Playing Field

One of the biggest advantages of google ads is that it provides a level playing field to all businesses, large or small. It’s true that bigger brands and businesses with a large amount of budget have an edge to achieve more with google ads, but a small business also has an edge and can reap benefits from targeting niches.

Local Advertising

With the aid of google ads, you can attract a lot of local traffic by advertising locally at the most apt times in order to boost your brand awareness and get a stronghold in brand positioning. Local search always has very high purchase intent, and most customers are always looking for easy options within their reach to meet their needs. 

Increased Brand Awareness

A unique and creative combination of both search and display ads can make your business leave a ground-breaking impression on your audience. Hence if your goal is to raise brand awareness, google ads should be the first place to start advertising. The more you understand your target audiences’ behavior, the better digital marketing strategies you will have.


Targeting on google ads is performed with the help of keywords and finding the right keywords is extremely important in order to grow the online presence of your business. You can find keywords in a lot of different forms, ranging from generic keywords to precise keywords that target the specific query. By using effective keywords, you can easily target your customers at the precise time they’re making a search query


Retargeting is an effective way of conversion. With the help of retargeting, you specifically target those people who have shown interest in your products/services and create more constructive audience. By google ads retargeting tools, you can easily increase your return on ad spent


Google ads allow you to analyze your results from ads for better optimization and its extremely intuitive and easy to understand. You can also link google analytics to google ads and use data to reap more benefits. The major benefits of google ads is that all the outcome you get from your ads, be they product ads, display ds, or video ads, always places you at the top of what you’re getting out from your campaign.

Edge Over SEO and Content Marketing

When you combine, Google ads with your already existing framework of content marketing and SEO, you create an extremely power channel to increase performance for your brand. Google ads help you find new and better keywords, improve website optimization and generate profitable target audience.


Scalability is another core benefit of google ads that is extremely simple and effective. You are given the right tools to create effective campaigns from your earlier attempts, and soon you discover a winning combination with results that match your business goals.

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